PixelExperience 12.1 / Plus August Update Beryllium



  • Rom Side Changes:

    • August security patch
    • The boot animation now follows Monet color theme as well
    • Other misc fixes
  • Etude kernel: Op.12 No.4:

    • Linux 4.9.325
    • merged LA.UM.10.3.r1-01700-sdm845.0 into techpack/audio
    • fixed a race condition in qcom’s early random pool initialization
    • re-enabled qcom’s early random initialization
    • cleaned up several unused drivers and firmware in kernel
    • dropped unnecessary virtual framebuffer support
    • DO NOT use another kernel. Just don’t.
  • Device Side Changes:

    • Dropped the unnecessary virtual framebuffer from kernel cmdline
    • Removed the boot-time IO read ahead tuning and settled on a static read-ahead value for dm devices
      • Google claims that some of the values may not be properly reset after boot, so an aggressively large boot-time read-ahead value may persist after boot and incur more memory pressure
    • Fixed the issue of “Optimization profile” app list sometimes not showing all the apps
      • also improved the layout and the overall smoothness when scrolling


  • Force Encryption is Enabled by Default.
  • You can dirty flash from my previous PE 12 / 12.1 builds. You can dirty flash the Plus edition on top of PE 12 / 12.1 regular builds.
  • You cannot upgrade from android 11 directly. Formatting data is required.
  • Clean Flash is MANDATORY if flashing for first time!
  • Any Recovery present will be overridden by PE recovery in order to make OTA updates work as other recoveries currently doesn’t supports Decryption!
  • Encrypted users are RECOMMENDED not to use Custom Recoveries! Or else OTA won’t work and have to update manually through adb sideload or external storage.
  • If you are a decrypted user flash Latest TWRP again and follow the steps to update ROM manually.
  • OTA doesn’t work for Decrypted Users
  • Flash Latest TWRP first before proceeding for installation!

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