EvolutionX-5.3 11.0 20210126-1118 UNOFFICIAL Beryllium Build



Etude kernel:

  • Linux 4.9.253
  • rolled back to qcacld from LA.UM.8.3.r1-08800-sdm845.0 due to a regression on 160MHz channels of IEEE 802.11ac WiFi
  • sched: unified spare capacity calculation
  • sched: prefer a CPU in a more shallow idle state to achieve faster wake-up and higher efficiency
  • sched: restricted iowait boost to foreground and top-app tasks so that background I/O does not boost cpu frequency unnecessarily
  • cpufreq: fixed incorrect average capacity calculation
  • limited sched{up,down}migrate tunables to values between 0 and 100

Device Side:

  • Updated vendor and firmware from MIUI Global Stable V12.0.3.0
  • Fixed SafetyNet
  • Added GCam Go as default instead of Snap
  • Add f2fs support
  • Use MIUI 12 build fingerprint
  • Imported RenderScript blobs from Pixel 3 XL
  • Fixed WifiOverlay and TetheringOverlay to properly target wifi and tethering stack from Google
    • mac address randomization and other platform specific configs are back
  • Configured SQLite journal to use MEMORY mode
    • about 2x performance increase in SQLite insert/update/delete
  • Allow manually configuring the APN when using China Unicom
  • Cleaned up display stack


First Time Install / Clean Flash

  • Install the latest custom recovery
  • Format data
  • After formatting data, you may have to reboot again to recovery
  • Wipe system & data & cache & dalvik cache
  • Install ROM
  • Reboot to system

Update / Dirty Flash

  • Boot into recovery
  • Flash the ROM
  • Reboot to system & #KeepEvolving


  • Users might face minimal Jitters right after updating, But give it some time, an hour or two and it’ll be totally alright.
  • Do not flash any other kernel on A11. First check if it supports Pixel Thermals.
  • For google Camera, Use any Camera Mod. Parrot043’s and San1ty’s Builds Work good with PocoF1, But Anyone can try any mods. Find the Apks here (https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/).
  • Gapps, Vendor and firmware are included.

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